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CUIZEN develops cooking devices allowing perfect cooking temperature and warm upholding, based on an original process using uniquely the energy of boilling water.
A first product, EIZEN, is made for hostelry and restaurant profesionnals markets to prepare and serve soft-boiled eggs or poached eggs.
EIZEN is a revolutionnary way of preparing and serving eggs : the eggs cook, remain warm (soft-boiled or poached) for over 2 hours, without supervision and without overcooking !

EIZEN keeps all the gustatative qualities and the texture of soft-boiled or poached eggs : the yolk runny and warm, the white just set and creamy for over 2 hours after their cooking without any risk of overcooking.

Three steps are simplified and integrated in one single device:


- 12 or 24 eggs perfectly cooked at once and ready anytime
- Temperature upholding (ready to eat) over 2 hours after the cooking in the same device
- Pasteurizarion of the eggs during the cooking
- Any electric lead
- Any risk of burn
- Your customers serve themselves directly with a adapted egg holder
- Satisfaction, curiosity, astonishment of your customers

EIZEN has won the following awards:

Restauration Demain - 2002 Concours Lépine - 2003 Prix APRIA - Equip'Hotel - 2003